Fi’s Plushies

This page is dedicated to the plushies made by me. My favourite plushies to make are Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, (Any Nintendo games, really!) World of Warcraft, and anything geeky/cute related! I love to sew, that’s why I’ve given my plushies their own section. Please enjoy browsing! ^-^

Me posing with the song of storms plushie

Song of Storms

Plush Song of Storms! Today I want to share with you the huggable song of storms I created! The song of storms was always one of my favourite songs in…

Plush Heart piece – Legend of Zelda

Heart Piece Check out the plush piece of heart I created 😀 Piece of heart is an upgrade in the game “The legend of Zelda”. It appears to help aide…

Mario Plushies coming soon!

Mario Plushies coming soon!

Banjo Kazooie Notes

Banjo Kazooie Notes plushie!

Hello! Today I’m here to show you all my musical notes plushie from Banjo Kazooie! Picture links will be updated when a video has been created 🙂 Banjo Kazooie notes…


Triforce Plushie: Say hello to the fluffy triforce!

Today I want to show you one of my favourite creations – The fluffy, huggable squeezable triforce plushie! I couldn’t just make a regular triforce. Where is the fun in…