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Zelda, Mario, Rareware, Pokemon and Batman Fan!
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About Me

[wc_row][wc_column size=”three-fourth” position=”first”]The photo on the right was taken in the tiny room I used to live in when I moved towns. Not much room to be creative in there!

I’m a young crafts person who enjoys making things. Some of my favourite things to make are from the Legend of Zelda… because it is my favourite series!! 🙂

Some of the types of art I enjoy making include:

Sewing, Painting, Drawing, Paper Mache, Sculpture, Needle Felting, Cooking and Baking!

I hope to upload more of the things that I love to this site and share to the world. I am a (slightly) introverted extrovert and extremely creative person. I am quite happy just to do what I love, which is making things! I encourage people to comment and interact on this site.. I hope to bring more stuff to show people in future!

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