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The photo on the right was taken in the tiny room I used to live in when I moved towns. Not much room to be creative in there!

I’m a young crafts person who enjoys making things. Some of my favourite things to make are from the Legend of Zelda… because it is my favourite series!! 🙂

Some of the types of art I enjoy making include:

Sewing, Painting, Drawing, Paper Mache, Sculpture, Needle Felting, Cooking and Baking!

I hope to upload more of the things that I love to this site and share to the world. I am a (slightly) introverted extrovert and extremely creative person. I am quite happy just to do what I love, which is making things! I encourage people to comment and interact on this site.. I hope to bring more stuff to show people in future!

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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hello Ms. Geek Girl Fi

    I’ve been seeing your creativity of: arts & craft. It’s really neat to see someone who’s a Zelda fan. I myself also am a fan of that series. I like your “about me” section here on your site, you seem a like a really nice woman with a great personality. Also to mention a very beautiful woman and attractive accent.

    I wanted to say “hi” and ask permission if I can follow you on Twitter. If so, you enjoy Video Game Music (soundtracks)? I myself definitely do. Mass Effect particularly.

    Take Care and Stay Creative


  2. Hey Fi!

    I’ve seen your Instagram photos and thought I’d leave a comment on your site.

    Keep up all your good work 🙂

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