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Welcome, everyone, to my page! My name is Fi, and I have a passion for all things Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon. I like to create arts and crafts – my favourite at the time being needle felting – and share the cool arts and crafts I find online. You can see, on here, a mixture of my own work, and the work of others – also links to buy awesome work! I love to connect with crafters worldwide, so don’t hesitate to say hello!

I’ve also recently taken a liking to retro collecting, so am always looking for Nintendo consoles and games. I want to get another copy of Pokemon Red, as I sold mine ages ago. My favourite game ever is the Ocarina of Time, I honestly don’t know how many times I’ve played that game. I think I’m overdue for another session!

I want to start giving away other people’s cool crafts as well, so watch this space!



Majora’s Mask Engagement Ring

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Legend of Zelda Engagement Ring

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Princess Zelda Rave Costume

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Legend of Zelda – 7 Rupee set

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Me posing with the song of storms plushie

Song of Storms

Plush Song of Storms! Today I want to share with you the huggable song of storms I created! The song…

Navi the Fairy

Navi the fairy cake pops

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Plush Heart piece – Legend of Zelda

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Mario Plushies coming soon!

Mario Plushies coming soon!


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Banjo Kazooie Notes

Banjo Kazooie Notes plushie!

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Triforce Plushie: Say hello to the fluffy triforce!

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Majora's Mask

Majora’s Mask Replica – Check out my Majora’s Mask!

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