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Majora’s Mask Engagement Ring

You thought that engagement rings had to be boring, right? Well, think again, fellow Geeks! I found the cross between sparkles and Zelda, and it certainly lives up to the standard. Majora’s mask is one of my favourite games, you can imagine my delight when I came across this. Imagine having the man or lady you love offer you this? It’s like looking at rainbows. It’s sterling silver with lab created diamonds, so great quality. I’m extremely interested in how it was crafted, to get those little masks on there looking so perfect. Anyone who has played Majora’s mask, will know the effect the mask has on anyone who wears it, so let’s hope whoever buys this ring isn’t taken over by an evil presence!


The rock on this is designed to take after the moon’s tear – a very cool item available when that mad moon cries after looking at it through the telescope in the bombers secret society. I’ve always loved the moon’s tear, it was a cool idea for the game.


Luckily for you, there is no desperate deku scrub dying to get his hands on this, so it’s for you alone. (Though if someone wants to swap me a house deed for it, then I’m all ears). It’s so Majora’s Mask orientated that it has both the mask and the moon’s tear, which I think is really cool. I can imagine this appealing to a couple with a mutual passion and excitement for Majora’s mask, which shouldn’t be too hard to find, due to the game’s popularity.


Only for true Legend of Zelda geeks. Only a Zelda geek could appreciate this ring and realise it’s worth. But I want Zelda fans out there to know that something as great as this ring is available, and affordable, too.

Click here to check out this amazing Majora’s Mask Engagement Ring.

Fi xox