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Spotlight! Tavington Crafts – Nintendo plushies

I thought these posts deserved to be in the spotlight! Section for this week, because, they’re just so cool! How often do you see plushies from some of the coolest games ever (Animal crossing, Legend of Zelda) that look so well made and accurate?  Well I think this artist deserves more publicity. The work you see here is professionally crafted, and awesomely accurate!

Heart piece plushies – the popular item in all zelda games, who can lose with a piece of heart? Well these pieces of heart look like they have been made by a professional, and they have! These heart pieces and containers don’t have a flaw, and they look exactly like they do in the Nintendo 64 version of Ocarina of Time. I’ll take three please!!! To purchase a gorgeous piece of heart, check out the store here: Heart Piece cushion – you’re bound to love them.heartpiece

The next cool piece I wanted to show case were the plushie versions of the medallions from OoT. No need to go to chamber of the sages to get your hands on these. Perfect flawless detail. I wouldn’t mind the medallion of light for when the power goes off. I would love to have some of these to give away to Zelda fans, it’s simply amazing work. Click here to check out the Ocarina of Time medallions . All six available!zeldamedallions

The last one I want to showcase is the Animal crossing item plushies. They are adorable. Plant pitfall seeds in front of the houses of people you don’t like… hehehe. You can even stuff a pineapple bed (my favourite) into your pocket 😉 These are very, very cool, and affordable, as you can see here: Animal Crossing plushies.animalcrossingpitfall

Enjoy the amazing-ness of it all

Fi xox