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Legend of Zelda Engagement Ring

Yes, You heard correctly. Legend of Zelda engagement ring! Not just any ring, either. The one and only triforce! This beautiful ring is the creation of artist “All things geek chic” – a talented professional who makes custom geeky rings. This beautiful ring is based on the infamous “Triforce” in the legend of Zelda series, including (my favourite) the ocarina of time 🙂


If someone proposed to me with this, hell, I think it would be pretty hard to say no. (Here’s hoping, one day that it happens). As you can see below, the ring is made of sterling silver, with beautiful lab created yellow and white diamonds – (Lab created is just a different way of producing a real diamond, as opposed to digging it out of a rock, the same quality diamond, but at less of a cost to the customer (yay!))


Hand made and platinum plated, I can’t think of many things more Zelda like and gorgeous. If someone gets down on one knee and offers you this, you are one lucky guy or gal!!! Combining two of the coolest things, happy relationships, and the Legend of Zelda :3zeldaring2zeldaring3

Honestly, this artist makes the absolute coolest geeky rings, I just saw another Zelda one on the shop page which is amazeeeee-balls! Get your power, wisdom and courage on, and if you want to propose, do it with this crazy cool ring!!! Click here for more details on this lovely legend of zelda engagement ring.

Talk about smooch-worthy. Wouldn’t your day just be made if your boyfriend gave you this? I know mine would.. if I had a boyfriend! Heheheh.

Fi xox