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Princess Zelda Rave Costume

I have never personally been to a rave, but this Princess Zelda rave costume is so cute, I had to re-post it. I will be ordering one as soon as I am small enough to fit it! The artist gets a regular bra, and creates a Hylian masterpiece, complete with gems and sequins, and goodness knows what other goodies, to mimic the costume of the lovely princess Zelda.


In a beautiful deep purple, the zelda rave costume has trimmings of beautiful gold and sequins, dainty gold chains, and zora’s sapphire like gems. To channel your inner geek, and inner cute, you can’t do better than this version of Zelda.

Zelda is just one character for cool rave ideas, I can’t wait to see future work from artists about other legend of Zelda characters. COMES WITH: Bra / yoga shorts / crown headband / waist sash – all sizes are in US sizing. Feel free to contact the lovely artist here: Princess Zelda rave costume If you want to personally become this lovely rave princess! :3

If purple isn’t really your colour, you can go all pink in your Princess Zelda act, by trying out something like below – a little pinker for your evening! This Zelda rave costume, is of bright pink fabric, but with different patterns and edgings. It still has the beauty of chains and gems, so choose which game you would like to be out of and come check it out!


To get your pink on, click here to see more: Pink Zelda Rave Costume

More pictures are available on the website, and you can contact the creators there. Happy raving!

-Fi xox