Majora’s Mask Replica – Check out my Majora’s Mask!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to launch my new site with all my geeky arts and crafts! Today I want to show you the Majora’s Mask replica I created, and include some images of the process! The mask was started by using wireform Mesh – a craft mesh which is perfect for molding and shaping different things. After the mesh had been molded into the shape of the main mask base, and the spikes that go around the edge of the mask, I used a glue gun to join this wire together.

After the wire was all set in place, the mask was ready to be paper mache’d. I made a simple flour and water clue, and started covering the wire with ripped up newspaper, and after drying, this layer was followed up with a layer of plain white paper to form a mask base ready to paint.

Majora’s Mask

After completing the first layer of white paint, I continues with the purple background base (and a picture of me with my black hair, which looked terrible ;D)

Majora's Mask Replica Base

I then proceeded to finish the paint layers, letting the mask dry between colours and layers:
Majora's Mask

The finished result was then coated with a gloss acrylic coating – mask was left to dry between coatings, and settled dust was wiped off between layers also!

Majora's Mask finished

majora's Mask propped up

Majora's Mask side on view

Last but not least, it was time to put the mask on and pose!

Majora's Mask Fan
Majora’s Mask Fan

Also check out my video on Youtube! Thanks for viewing x
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