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Triforce Plushie: Say hello to the fluffy triforce!

Today I want to show you one of my favourite creations – The fluffy, huggable squeezable triforce plushie! I couldn’t just make a regular triforce. Where is the fun in that? I had to make a squishy soft one. My obsession with squishy soft things helped with this decision. 😉

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of the WIP fluffy triforce plushie, but I have several of the end result. First things first, I found some affordable fluffy fabric to make the triforce out of. Not much was required, so that wasn’t a problem. The next step was to search for a pretty edging, and other bits and pieces to stick on the triforce to make it ornate.

Picture links will be updated when a video is made for this piece 🙂

The fluffy triforce plushie

Triforce: Say hello to the fluffy triforce!

Zelda Plushie

Bits used:

I found some pure gold dance costume fabric (I love it!), some gold buttons, some triangle shaped sequins (awesome!) and the lovely edging. It added up to a fair amount of $$$ but in my opinion it was totally worth it.

Triforce: Say hello to the fluffy triforce!

Holding the Triforce

Above you can see an example of the size of the piece. One triforce can easily fit into my hand. The entire piece was hand sewn due to the fact it was so small, and sewing machines are not great with thick, fluffy fabric to begin with – lol

Triforce Bottom

Triforce Bottom

Above you can see the thickness of the triforce, maybe and inch and a half thick.

split triforce

Split triforce


The coolest part about it – is you can break the triforce into it’s separate components – Power, wisdom and Courage! I have added domes to each corner of each triforce so it can be pulled apart and put back together at will

Close up

Close up

Above you will see a close up picture of the split triforces in all of their fluffy huggable glory! Thanks for reading – please ask questions if you have any. Video below:

-Fi xo