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Plush Heart piece – Legend of Zelda

Heart Piece
Check out the plush piece of heart I created 😀

Piece of heart is an upgrade in the game “The legend of Zelda”. It appears to help aide the hero of time in his battles by giving him more life energy. Being a massive Zelda fan, I just HAD to create a plush piece of heart. 🙂

It is made out of felt – the outside part was quite tricky due to the hollow centre, it required me to sew it in two halves and then sew the halves together. After completing the basic outline out of grey felt, I then proceeded to hand sew on the silver ribbon around the edge. I’m not sure how much ribbon was used, but it looks like several meters!

Heart Piece Base

Heart Piece Base

After completing the outline of the heart piece base, I then created the Red heart piece part in the middle. This was a little 3D heart with red ribbon and sequins sewn onto it to make it look elegant. The last part of the heart piece was attaching the middle to the edge, and this had to be done carefully and look realistic.

Heart Piece Center

Heart Piece Centre

For the middle of the heart piece, I used a semi transparent mesh often used for floral arrangements. It needed to be sewn onto the inside edge of the rim, and teh outside edge of the central piece of heart. This took a while as the ends are uneven, and you don’t want to see where it is attached!

Heart edge

Heart edge

Around the edge of the outside of the piece of heart, I sewed another ribbon around it lengthwise to make it look cleaner. This didn’t take too long, which was aweseome!

Heart piece

Heart piece

The inside of the heart has a beaded edge, this was to add a little more elegance to the piece. (And to cover up where I sewed the inside of it!

Collect heart piece

Collect heart piece

Above: You can see the cool effect of the middle part – the semi transparent fabric did it’s job wonderfully!

zelda girl

Me posing with the work of art!

I am very proud of my version of the lovely piece of heart – Now I just need 3 more to create a new heart container!!!!!

Check out my youtube video on the piece of heart!

Fi xo